By Ryan O.

Desks are not only a place for work, they are also a place to play, and gaming desks are getting more personalized with different gear and designs available on the market.
Some of these tips are things you will most likely have seen on other sites or idea boards on Pinterest. But we are also going to focus on function as well as style to help you create your own ultimate gaming desk!

Neon Lighting


Probably the most popular of décor ideas, this is what most people tend to see in their minds when enhancing a gaming desk. Most people will think of adding LEDs to their clear custom computer towers, but that’s only one place where you can add a bit of light. Many people will add a strip beneath their desks for a nice subtle glow coming from below without the need to add more detail.

But not all light has to be sourced from LED strips. A well-placed neon light or two on a wall has more of a subtle cyberpunk, Tron, or Blade Runner feel.

Framed Art


It’s one thing to decorate your space with posters, but having frames for your art adds not only a touch of class but a much cleaner look to your gaming desk. And as tastes change with the newer games coming out, you can always replace or even add more art to your collection of frames while maintaining a cohesive look.

Stands for your electronic devices


Your monitor is most likely on its own stand, but other stands for a separate laptop, tablet, or smartphone will help free some surface space on your desk. Not only that, it gives your other machines a home on your desktop to keep the look of your desk tidy. If you have a charger, you can attach this to your stand, so your devices are always at full power.



Decals or stickers are an effortless way to decorate a room with your favorite characters or designs. They are also available to customize the surface of a  computer or a laptop to express your personal style or fandom and decals are pretty easy to acquire at any gaming or comic book store. Even more options are available online as well as a growing number of kiosks at your local mall, and if you are inspired, you can make your own!

You’re not limited to the size of just the wall space next to your desk, but the entire wall if you have enough space on your canvas to fit creative items like this Super Mario Sticky Note Kit.

Ultrawide monitors


Do you often work with dual monitors but don’t like that the two monitors that are side-by-side are different kinds of monitors or calibrated differently?   A more recent solution that will stand out to everyone who sees it is using an ultrawide monitor that takes up the place of both monitors. It is simple, yet dramatic but superbly practical with a computer dealing with a monitor that has the added extra space to need.

Soundproofing Material


Probably more popular if your gaming desk doubles as an at-home audio recording studio, these pieces of foam not only dampen noise by breaking up the sound but they make for effective decorations. Also perfect if you need to reduce the noise for any other reason so that your roommates don’t hear you other doing things… like singing karaoke in the middle of the night in your room.

Cube Storage Shelves


Cube organizers (or cube storage or cube shelves) are simple and versatile pieces that can be added next to any desk to hold your game discs, equipment, or any other items you don’t necessarily want at your desk like anything that can spill on your keyboard.
For those who use console games, you can alternatively use cube storage to cleanly separate your Wii, Xbox or Playstation from their games and controllers. There are also bins to put away all of these accessories if you want to keep these things look tidy.

Cord labels


More people might consider this a computer lifehack more than décor, but it will completely affect how you function at your gaming computer. Labeling your cords near the plug next to the power source will not only save you a headache figuring which plug goes to your computer and which one goes to your desk lamp but can lead you to clean up your cords so they don’t look messy. Labeling your cords is an improvement that isn’t expensive at all, you can label with stickers or as shown in this picture, with bread tags.

Flexible arms


A flexible arm is a solution that mounts to the edge of a desk and allows you to have a source of light. But there are also flexible arms available for a microphone if you want the convenience of adjusting where you want to put the mic without straining your neck. And for those whose gaming desk also doubles as an art studio, a desk lamp with a magnifier would be good for catching details on your sketches or painting features on your miniature figures.

Gaming Chair


One of the most essential items for your gaming desk is your desk chair be where you will be seated for hours while playing online. If you’re going to be there for an extended period of time, you should seek comfort as well as style.

According to, a good gaming chair will help with your posture and prevent neck problems which would be good for that unexpected three or four-hour session of Fortnite.

When creating your own space surrounding a gaming desk, function is just as important as style. What other creative tips for a gaming desk do you recommend that we might have missed? Comment below!


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