Reduce work stress with a sense of achievement

Forget relaxing, everything is about work. You might even feel guilty when you dream about light hearted recreation and taking some time off to play. There’s too much to do at home and too many tasks at the job. And that’s the problem, nobody wants to work eight hours, sit in traffic only to arrive home and start working again!


But you can avoid burnout. By doing less at your desk you’ll reduce symptoms of overwork and stress. By keeping work at bay, you’ll find yourself becoming more productive. But how?



When you’re working your 9 to 6, the last thing you want to think about is making dinner, doing dishes or laundry. Excessive chores can diminish the time off that you’ve earned during the week. As a result you work every day. Except for some Asian cultures, an overzealous work ethic is unhealthy and just too much! Learn to efficiently (perhaps even cleverly) schedule all of your chores during the week, so you at least have the weekends to yourself – deservedly so!


And you will feel so much better if you can schedule an exercise workout for a day or two during the week as well. Doing so will also help decrease your workload. This time by decreasing stress levels through exertion, you’ll clear your mind for a fresh perspective. Less distracted, you could be thinking about work matters clearer than before when you’re (for instance) running on a treadmill. Innovation is subconsciously promoted. Like “Runner’s High”, you experience a ‘rush’ – in the form of an influx of ideas, revelations and inspiration that typically don’t come to you on just another day at the desk. Staying in motion will facilitate the formation of unique solutions to work-related issues.

STOCKBYTENow, you like to browse the internet at work, don’t you? Everyone does. Shame on employers who discourage it, because studies have shown – heck, even Forbes Magazine confirms – that taking a few minutes to surf the web is a fun distraction that leads to an improved attitude. This means when you re-enter your rhythm of work, you’re inclined to be more serious and focused. In other words, Google when you can.


But distractions are okay, especially in the form of time-off from work. Schedule recreation for yourself, make it something fun that gets you away from the office, and you’ll improve your mental state. If you can enjoy a clear stress-free mind for a reasonable span, it will make you eager to be that much more efficient and productive when necessary.

One can’t over-emphasize the importance of implementing a schedule and adhering to it. You don’t have to be totally anal by tightly scheduling your time down to-the-minute. But by mapping out your time efficiently you will surely reduce the amount of work that until now freely awaited you. Whip it all into line and knock your tasks out one by one. Don’t second-guess or look back until your re-visitation to a particular matter is scheduled. This process will also enhance your discipline. You’ll be less likely to worry about business you’ve already concentrated on for the day.


Ultimately, holding yourself firm to meeting deadlines is of utmost importance. Similar to your everyday schedule, as a cut-off approaches the pressure mounts. You find yourself motivated to finish, and how you come in on time helps define your character. Will you succeed with grace? It’s the college folly of urgency and procrastination – if we are given two hours to complete a task we will bust our ass to get it done. If we are given three weeks for the same job, we’ll do a little each day until the deadline. But what if you imposed your own deadline? You could get it done ASAP, potentially leaving time for you to work on whatever else needs attention.

Everyone has utilized a “to-do” list. Some make them faithfully and others rarely. If you want to work less you should consider making one for each day. Write down all you need to do – not just of personal or professional nature, but for amusements, as well… That’s right, what fun things should you be doing soon? If you think there are none, you’re sadly mistaken. Correct it!

Scheduling as much of your day helps you prioritize. Your physical list will help you emphasize time at work so you may get more done. Now you’ll have a greater appreciation for your off-time. Schedule a date night, or dinner with the family. Soon your time will be so well-planned, you’ll be completing everything within its allotted period. And that’s how you save time at your desk!


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