Tips for escaping the blahs

Most people have found themselves down in the dumps, some more than others. An entire industry has been based – and depends – on it. But pharmaceuticals shouldn’t be your first choice for relief. It’s no secret that opiate abuse and related deaths are on the rise, we’ve nearly become a nation of at-risk addicts.

It seems that people who are well-adjusted enough to survive without any help are becoming anomalies of the species, and the sad thing is when depressed people finally outnumber those who aren’t, there won’t be many people left to offer compassion. The majority will be self-consumed with misery. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad. Let’s break the trend.

Regardless of your professional level, your livelihood can be affected by such moodiness. You can find yourself with a lack of ideas or inspiration; it’s hard to be productive. End the trend – follow one or more of the tips listed below to help you emerge from the ruts, into a much better place.

1. Exercise

It’s no secret that as people grow older, the majority tend to become less active. We’re stuck in a routine of eight hour work days, and an often draining commute. We just want to relax when we get home, forget about hitting up the gym. But the truth is – and everyone knows it – that by forcing yourself to take up a reasonable exercise routine will do wonders for your outlook. Your breathing will be better, your heart will be healthier and you’ll feel better overall. With improved physicality comes better mental health.climbing

2. Self Help

Sure, the term “self-help” almost seems generic by now, but you can do a lot for yourself to reinforce your sense of worth. Learn new things, read new books. Check out a seminar. If you don’t have the interest to better yourself via education, appeal to your basic emotions and buy yourself a new shirt that you will feel good about wearing. Or have your hair done, get a makeover. But most importantly, believe in yourself, there’s no reason not to. If you’re a worrier, stop! It won’t solve anything.class

3. Power Nap

sleeping-public-chainSometimes when the blues are getting to you those hopeless feelings can be reset back to neutral with a simple power nap. If you’re at work, take it during your lunch break. All that’s needed is 15 minutes to a half hour of shuteye to give your outlook a cleaner slate. It’s the widely preferred option to feeling down all the time.

4. Concentrate on Small Tasks

How about a little diversion tactic? Take care of all the little things that have been piling up. Organize your papers, straighten out your drawers, and reply to those emails you’ve been meaning to get back to, do your laundry, and get some cleaning done. With each task you complete comes a sense of satisfaction, the feeling that you’ve accomplished something. You’ll give yourself a brighter outlook worth capitalizing on!

5. FriendTalk

There’s nothing better than a good conversation with an old friend to get your mind off of negative things. Laughter usually ensues as you relay your recent experiences and bond over shared memories. You can practically gauge your mood as you feel your spirits emerge from the doldrums to one of cheer, thanks to words with a

6. Take Your Break!

You shouldn’t have to be told twice. At work they usually accommodate you with two ten-minutes and a lunch break, take advantage of them to recharge your batteries. And when the weekend comes make a complete break from work, don’t check any related emails, don’t even talk about it. Relax and do fun stuff. Whatever you find remotely unpleasant, detach yourself from it as much as possible.

7. Create Goals

archery Maybe you’re bummed because nothing excites or inspires you anymore. Try something new, create a vision for yourself. Maybe you always wanted to learn guitar, or even better – to play in a band. Make it happen! Or you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, it’s an additional skill that can help you in the job market – go for it! Give yourself something that engages your mind and time in a positive manner.

8. Comfort Stimuli

Naturally you have comfort food, but if it’s not of the healthiest variety, we can’t in good faith recommend it. But what if it was “comfort food” in the form of imagery or audio? Maybe you love Star Trek. Flip on your favorite DVD and sit back, forget the world and journey to outer space. Or maybe you’re a Beatles aficionado. Put on Sgt. Peppers, close your eyes and float downstream… … …!

9. Don’t Buy into Society’s Standards

You see your friends on Facebook, living impossibly perfect lives. They’re not only in great physical shape they have just as attractive significant others as well. There are the bitchin’ cars and a wealth of impressive vacation pictures seemingly designed to inspire envy. Don’t judge yourself by the standards of what your (allegedly) most successful acquaintances have. Remind yourself, there are always those living under worse circumstances than you. Keep perspective and appreciate all that you are and have.


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